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We have fitted top quality watch batteries for over 27 years

We can fit to almost any watch, inlcuding some of the more difficult ones.

However, in the unusual circumstances that your watch is faulty, or we do not think we are able to replace your battery, we have access to one of the more advanced watch repair companies to refer you to. Between us and them you are always guaranteed best value and service.

Our prices start from just £4.00

We stock watch straps for most standard fit watches, including leather plastic and metal expandable.

We have the ability to fit this onsite, usually while you wait.

Prices start at just £4.50

We can adjust most metal watch straps.

Bring your watch in to us, with the wrist it is intended for, or the amount of links required for removal, and we will be able to do this, and fine tune this to make it fit as it should.

This service can sometimes take a little while as not all adjustments are simple. So please be prepared to leave your watch for 15-20 minutes depending on availability.

This service is offered from just £4.00

Bring your watch to us first for great value

If you would like to ask any questions before coming in please drop us a message below