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Jellycat Re-Stock Update

Jellycat Update

Jellycat Re-Stock…

This delivery is overdue!! but it is here!!!
we have more items being listed in the next 24 hours, and more items coming all throughout January!
Some of the offers may be repeated, but some of these items are limited stock offers as Jellycat London is have huge trouble with getting the stock into the country!

There are some classics in the restock like Remington the Rat… 
and some new beauties like Breezy the Butterfly and the Snow Dragon!!

No matter what you decide, we will be doing our best to get you the JC you need through this lockdown no3.
We ship all parcels with tracked shipping using a 24-48hour courier service!
Should you have any trouble with the website or not able to find what your after please email us or contact us. Currently we are on the shop phone for limited time each day, usually able to answer  from 10am-12pm Monday – Saturday

Happy Shopping!!

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