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Frequently Asked Questions


Helium filled balloons start from just £1

Foil Balloons from £2.00

Depending on the size of the balloon, dictates how much it usially costs!

Will you inflate?

If you have already purchased your balloons else where, then we can inflate them with helium

However we offer no guarantee on balloons not purchased in store

Prices for this service vary, come in store for a firm quote.


During the Covid-19 period of time we highly recommend you do not purchase your balloons from unknown sources, it adds unnecessary elements of risk

Latex Balloons

When inflated with helium, these usually last 10-12 hours

However if you want them to last longer, please let us know, at just 20p per balloon extra they will last 24 hours or more, depending on the balloons.

Confetti filled Latex balloons need to be filled on the day as they do not last over night.

Foil Balloons

With 100’s of foil balloons in stock we usually have the ones your looking for, from ages to special occasions. However if you give us some notice we can usually source the missing ones too.

We sometimes have items not on display so its always worth asking us in store on drop us a message.


Confetti filled balloons and other ballons that are not standard can have a varied floating life. Meaning they may only last a few hours.

So when making your booking or have any balloons filled, please make sure you know that the balloon will last for the moment you need it.

Make your booking in advance!

If you having a celebration, and you want more than a couple of balloons, of you are on a schedule, please make your booking in advance, either in store or online

How do i book in advance?

If you need balloons for the same day, then you can pick them up during our opening hours at a time to suit you. We can take your order online or instore, the balloons then are waiting for you, no hassle no fuss. We can not take any advanced booking without payment.

I need balloons for Sunday, or the next day?

If your party or celebration is not happening straight away, or is the following day, this isn't a problem. You need to let us know so we can make sure you have the correct balloons that will last you, and they will remain looking good for your even1!

Any help needed please drop us a message

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